May 19, 2022

Rapper “Tyga” sued for unpaid rent & trashing L.A pad

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Rapper “Tyga” sued for unpaid rent & trashing L.A pad.

American rapper, Tyga has been sued by his landlord for unpaid rent and destroying the cushion which is situated in Los Angeles.

TMZ detailed that the landowner who claimed that the rapper stiffed them on $32K in lease when he left the spot back in April, additionally blamed Tyga for leaving gouges in the kitchen’s white oak flooring ($27,650), harming marble ground surface and counters ($15,575) and harming dividers with paintings and backdrop ($103,160.25).

He was additionally blamed for introducing a ball circle that harmed the garage, and new bolts that annihilated the passage entryway without consent.

Relating how he attempted to settle the issue through intercession in May, the landowner said he is currently suing for penetrate of agreement and needs more than $200K in harms after Tyga would not make a move.

This is coming after Tyga was additionally sued in 2018 for neglecting to pay lease at a Beverly Hills cushion.