May 28, 2022

[Photos] Asya Branch crowned “Miss USA” 2020

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American beauty pageant titleholder “Asya Daniella Branch“, has been crowned Miss USA 2020, to represent the United States of America at the forthcoming Miss Universe 2020.

Asya was also the first African-American woman to win the Miss Mississippi USA in 2018.

Branch in her final statement, during the contest, addressed the audience, her ordeal #Gun Law.

She quotes: “As someone who grew up in a home with guns, i learned at an early age how to load, how to fire and gun safety. And, i think education should be available to everyone. I believe that we should require people to pass training and safety courses before they’re allowed to purchase a gun and before receiving a permit“.

She concluded: “I think it’s important that we not ban guns because obviously people will find a way to get what they want anyways. But i thinks it’s our second amendment right and we just need more safety surrounding that

See Photos Below: