June 25, 2022

President Buhari government seems unwilling – SERAP vows to sue Nigerian government

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After the presidential speech which was broadcasted on live TV yesterday 22 October, in the way forward of the country Nigeria, and to put an end to the violence, and killings across the nation, Many Nigerians seems not happy with the presidential speech.

However, the Socio-economic Rights and Accountability (SERAP) has vowed to sue the Nigerian government led by president Muhammadu Buhari.

As stated by SERAP, and according to the report, on Wednesday submitted a report to the criminal court informing them of the killing of peaceful protesters by the Nigerian army. The suit came after the weakness and unwillingness of the government to put an end on the ongoing crisis #ENDSARS in Nigeria.

And SERAP quotes “We’ll sue to compel @NigeriaGov to protect people’s rights to life security & liberty if this is not urgently addressed #EndSARS“.

See Tweet Below: