May 27, 2022

Rapper Goldie imprisoned for repeatedly assaulting a woman in the UK

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A Nigerian rapper, based in the UK has been imprisoned for over 10 years after repeatedly assaulting a lady.

Olawale Hassan, known as Goldie 1, made advances to the lady after they met in an Essex club in Southend back February 2017.

As indicated by Mailonline, the 34-year-old said he would get her home securely however rather drove her to a vehicle leave where he overwhelmed and assaulted her.

Hassan was seen as liable at Basildon Crown Court of three tallies of assault and one of rape, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said.

The litigant, of Grays in Essex, was imprisoned on Tuesday October 6, for a very long time and two months, the CPS said.

Helen Walsh, senior Crown examiner in the assault and genuine sexual offenses unit for CPS East of England, stated: ‘We had the option to introduce the case that Olawale was a controlling sexual stalker who demonstrated a total negligence for the casualty’s absence of assent.

‘He abused his chance to explicitly attack the lady before continuing to assault her on numerous occasions while she floated all through awareness in his vehicle.

‘Assent can be pulled back whenever and at the watchfulness of the people in question.

‘Because you agree to moving doesn’t mean you agree to sex.

‘The law is clear, sex without assent is assault and this case shows that where there is adequate proof we won’t avoid indicting the culprits of such shocking wrongdoings.’

Researching official Detective Constable Victoria De’ath, of Essex Police, stated: ‘I might want to thank the casualty for her boldness in detailing this episode.

‘At the point when I initially met her, she censured herself for getting in Hassan’s vehicle yet has now perceived exactly how hazardous this man is and that none of this is her issue.’