May 22, 2022

[Read] Onyeka Onwenu uncovers – I will retune to South-East if Nigeria crumbles

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Music legend, Onyeka Onwenu has uncovered that she will be getting back toward the South-East if Nigeria crumbles.

Talking at a virtual pre-book dispatch preparation in front of the arrival of her journal ‘My Father’s Daughter’ on October 1, the music asked individuals from the South-East to build up the area while bringing up that they’ve be underestimated for quite a while.

Onwenu said;

“It doesn’t remove whatever you are doing in Lagos, Abuja, or Port Harcourt. You are allowed to live and work together any place you are however recall home, we are being underestimated for quite a while. What’s more, our kin have consistently gotten things done for themselves.

“We constructed the Imo Airport. I was important for the cycle. It remains the main air terminal in the nation that was worked by the residents and gave over to the Federal Government.

“My dad went to class abroad, individuals in his old neighborhood gathered cash and upheld him. That is the manner by which we get things done, we are common individuals. Along these lines, I’m not reluctant to return home.

“On the off chance that that occurs (alluding to Nigeria separating), I will return to the South-East since I need to return home. What’s more, regardless of whether we don’t part, I need to accomplish such a great deal there.”

Referring to her union with a Yoruba Muslim, the music symbol encouraged Nigerians to relinquish tribalism and spotlight on the positive qualities intrinsic in the distinctive ethnic gatherings in the nation.

Onwenu included;

“We are honored with the lavishness of our way of life and everybody should consider themselves to be one and not let divisions break the nation.”