May 22, 2022

[Read] Sorry i stole your Laptop in 2017 – Rema apologizes to his friend “Eric” for stealing his laptop

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Nigerian talented singer popularly known as Rema, took through his Twitter Page has been going on Twitter blusters about how individuals begrudge him since he got famous at an exceptionally youthful age.

He hammered a few people he didn’t uncover about how they treat him and the manner in which they peer down at him.

Things got fascinating when he was sorry to a friend he calls Eric for taking his PC (Laptop) in 2017.

As indicated by the “Ginger Me” star, he did what he did in light of the fact that his mother was expecting another kid and he was the main bot of the family.

He said his mother was ridiculed due to the pregnancy and he needed to refute them.

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 “Eric, Sorry I stole your Laptop in 2017, I know you were trying to help me. My Mom had a child on the way, I was the only man in my family. They made fun of her because she got pregnant, I wanted to prove them wrong bro, I had to do it”